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Nike AF25 ID on Ted “Nitro” Lake in Harlem. Yes, that’s the same Ted the sneaker head who is prominently featured in my book Where’d You Get Those? New York City’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987, and he’s still got it. Life can be beautiful in your ’40s!

Nike Zoom Kobe II on Bang Lee at the 14th St. Y. He was on the championship squad in the Nike NRF League last year, and these were their nifty 1st place exclusive prize.

Clae butters on the 6 train going downtown. I had to put down the NY Post to check these out, mang–Fire! My man Sung Choi started the brand a couple of years ago, and I’ve been rolling with their Parker model very happily. Check out their upcoming joints at www.clae.com

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  1. Josh de Babylon says:

    Wow…those AF25s look so sleek without the mid strap. Is it hidden? Or did money cuff his dungarees just to show off the beautiful use of negative space. Always bothered me how you can’t flip the strap on nikes mids when you want to let your laces down for everyday rockshockinit and you don’t need the ankle love. I was so happy to see your AF1 HIs. With the strap back it looks so glorious, like a goal for the hand logo to take it to the butter.

    (thought I got lucky on a trip to london recently when I spotted the mac’ncheese at a store in their SOHO…’for fooks sake’ no US 10 left. I haven’t given up on the beef and broccoli)

  2. Seronies says:

    Yo those Clae’s are on FIRE. Does anyone know if they come with those red laces? On the site they have them in the matching umber. I wish they weren’t so got-damned expensive. Bobbito you’re a genius with this “Feet on the Street” thing. I wanna start my own!

  3. Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Kool Bob Love says:


    just saw my hiking af1 pack at nort on lafayette yesterday, you may want to try vault on 134th and frederick douglass in harlem too. ted’s af25 are in low cut, no strap, just butters.

    seronies- i just got a new catalog from clae, will try to get permission to put up some images from it.

    peace peace

  4. LeKeith Taylor says:

    Bob, we definitely gotta rap. I’m all over those CLAE PARKERS…didn’t know your homeboy started the brand. Need to meet him and thank him for making my feet like swizzle !!!!!! LOL.

  5. bang lee says:

    Hey Bob.
    You make me happy every time!
    Thanks a lot.

  6. Moo-moo Luv says:

    Watch yo mouth, Bang Lee. What u and Bob do is between ya’ll, not the blog… I am aroused though. No lie. I’ll just watch a porno and take care of that.

  7. Jeremy Ripley says:

    Teddy Nitro sill has it I see…

    I’ve been meaning to do a post on Clae for a while. The quality on their shoes are just amazing. The brand has me more excited about casual shoes than anytime in recent memory. Bob, had I known your man had started it up, I would’ve hit you up earlier about ‘em.

  8. Bakar says:

    Perghh, as if AF25 lows aren’t rare enough, Mr. Nitro has to get it ID’d!! My compliments to the chef..

  9. Seronies says:

    Yo man, no joke I’m selling some 1’s on eBay to cop those Russell’s. I need a pair of those.

  10. Josh de Babylon says:

    I agree with Mr. Ripley…Bob, these perspective pieces ARE awesome (this one reminds me of something from your Bugged Soup transcripts, and b’ that “I am Puerto Rican…an open” poem was like sancocho for the soul for this nuyorican when I read it as a teenager).

    I was a freshman in college about to take my first journalism class in 2000 when Bob Knight’s career ended at IU.
    All Intro-writing courses were full and myself and a dozen other freshmen were placed in an advanced sports writing class. Coach Knights firing was our first mock assignment.

    I still remember comparing the leads on the different New York papers trying to figure out how to write a full news story for the first time. The headlines read like “You’re poached coach”& “Finally a bully gets what he deserves,” and it was hard then and its hard now to deal with the irony of how one can try teaching respect and manners to young men by not showing them their due.

    Anyway that’s my closest association
    …thanks for sharing your story, I really enjoyed reading it.

    P.S. Yes, “Vault” on 134th did have your hiking pack and my size! – Plus I mentioned that I came there on your suggestion and they showed extra love on the price saying “cause you’re a friend of Bob’s.” Thank You.

  11. Josh de Babylon says:

    ERROR see: http://www.bouncemag.com/2008/02/07/playground-perspective-bobby-knight/

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